The £10m “Menai” Science Park

Since the Science Park was announced with IWJ as it’s Chairman I have had a few laughs.

It would seem as if Anglesey Council and The Welsh Assembly learnt nothing from the bafoonery and faux-pas of the proposal both endorsed for a regional shopping centre at Ty Mawr,Llanfairpwll, Anglesey by “Ynys Mon Estates.”The complex, if built would have severely damaged Bangor’s retail offer but would have wiped out Llangefni forever. It broke every planning policy in Anglesey Councils defunct Gwynedd UDP / Anglesey Local Plan / abandoned UDP of 2005 which the Councillors were convinced to adopt. The pre-deposit draft UDP of 2009 which was shelved after the planning policy manager Martin Eaglestone sadly resigned.

Again, the men in grey suits have had a clever idea to propose a Menai Science Park and surprise surprise the two sites short listed by WAG /Anglesey Council are:

1. Bryn Cegin, Llandegai, Bangor – Welsh Assembly owned

2. Land behind Stermat in Gaerwen, Anglesey – Anglesey Council owned

The private sector sites are:

3.  Dafarn Newydd, Lon Penmynydd, Llanfefni, Anglesey

4. Lledwigan, Glanhwfa Road, Llangefni, Anglesey

Neither of the privately owned sites are in contention as neither were considered which is an absolutely wrong. How can the public sector promote “Enterprise Zone Anglesey” only to  freeze out credible better options?

WAG and Anglesey Council are:

a) Using public funds

b) using their own land

c) planning applicant

d) planning authority

e) ultimate planning decision via WAG on appeal / call in

f) private capital investment is shunned

Why in 2013 are these practices acceptable without recourse to the District Auditor or The Auditor General of Wales ?

Why do both entities feel this behaviour is acceptable having championed private enterprise?

Why is Llangefni being sold down the river?

Anglesey Council happens to own a scrag end piece of land it thinks it can realise value from?

Your views please?